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   烏魯木齊在疆冰益制冷設備有限公司,本公司專業從事冷庫設計、生產、安裝、售后一站式服務的公司,是中國制冷協會的會員企業。 我們主營拼裝冷庫、活動冷庫、裝配式冷庫、組合冷庫、保鮮冷庫、冷藏冷庫、冷凍冷庫、速凍冷庫、醫藥冷庫、茶葉冷庫、冷庫工程、保溫板、冷庫板、冷庫門等,廣泛應用于工業、外貿、食品、水產、畜牧、醫藥、賓館、飯店、食品加工等行業。

Urumqi ice refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., the company specializes in cold storage design, production, installation, after-sales service of the company, is a member of the Chinese Association of refrigeration enterprises. Our main assembled cold storage, cold storage, refrigeratory assembled, combination of cold storage, cold storage, refrigerated cold storage, freezing cold, frozen cold storage, medicine storage, tea cold storage, cold storage engineering, insulation board, cold plate, cold storage door etc.. It is widely used in the industries, industrial, trade, food, aquatic products, animal husbandry, medicine, hotels, restaurants, food processing etc..
The company in line with the absorbing, integrity and pragmatic business philosophy for many years, 20 years we to excellent quality, exquisite professional technology, unique design ideas and the diversification of product structure in domestic freezing and refrigeration equipment industry begun to take effect, after years of precipitation. Today we set the family of the long, priority to enable hot fluoride removal technology.
Continuously improve the continuous improvement is the essence of the company's philosophy, in the company to buy products, customers, please believe that you buy not only the ice benefits of the product, but also the quality of assured quality and attentive service!